Fe (pronounced FEE) is the atomic symbol for iron, a substance that saturates our ruddy soil.

Forceful yet malleable, iron is an element with profound magnetic properties, a mineral that courses through our veins, an alchemical metal that blossoms a patina with time.

Inspired by our iron-rich earth, Fe is a wine of strength and beauty, forged for the ages.


Fe occupies an elevated bench in the narrowest stretch of the Napa Valley, amid nearly two thousand acres of untamed parkland. Our vineyard is buffered by redwood, manzanita, ponderosa pine, and wild native grasses.

This pocket of Spring Mountain feels far removed from the rest of wine country. Ghostly Spanish mosses hang from ancient oak trees; warm fragrant breezes and birdsong are often the only sounds we hear. Our wine is an expression of this unparalleled terroir.


We are stewards of land belonging to foxes, wild peacocks, bluebirds, and coyotes. Whether building with reclaimed timber or farming organically, we are advocates for the natural sanctuary our vineyard inhabits, on this lower slope of the Mayacamas Range.

We follow what the terroir dictates. We have planted fruit trees, herbs, and vegetable beds, and we have established a vineyard devoted to the classic noble grape varieties of Bordeaux. They are the most honest translators of this place, and our vine rows require very little intervention.